Tuesday, October 10, 2006

4 Days To Go and Counting...

We will be seeing some very good friends of our, who live in Orlando, FL, this coming Saturday (see picture insert). We haven't seen these friends for 5 years, Hunter was just 3, and JayCee spent her 1st birthday with them. So, this will be Brock and Tanner's first time to meet them all.

We're going to eat lunch with Pooh and friends the day we get there, Goofy, Mickey & the gang are having us over Wednesday (the 18th) for dinner, then Cinderella invited us to eat with her in her Castle on Friday (the 20th)...then I believe we'll be eating with Chip n' Dale one of these days.

We normally only visit our friends for a short week, but this time, we are going to stay with them for 10 days. We should be closer than ever when we leave.

The kids are so excited, and everyday, they tear off a day of our Countdown To Disney calendar we made. (Ok, Mommy's pretty excited too!) Nana & Papa are going with us, as well as Uncle Brandon...so we are going to have plenty of fun.

Keep us in your prayers...for a safe, sunshine full 10 days! I keep watching the weather - and thus far it looks promising, with only a couple days of (extended forecasted) rain. We may have to re-evaluate some of our days at which park we're going for, but I'm sure we'll have a blast regardless.

Love you all....