Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Shaley Karns

Ok, ok...We couldn't wait - she was able to come home tonight! She's sooooo cute!
And, as you can tell, we decided on the name Shaley (pronounced
SHAY-LEE w/ a long A). The place we got her was on Shale Rd., so, there we are.

Shaley & Valentine, checking each other out. So far so good, except for Shaley trying to nip at Vallie's legs...Val just acts like she's scared of her.

Shaley & Brock. The kids WILL NOT leave the poor puppy alone! They want to pick her up and hold her costantly!

Shaley's 1st bath. She stunk bad - and still does. She'll have to have another bath tomorrow to try and get that Kennel smell off of her.

She's already found things to chew on! Ok, we've got several chew toys already. If anyone wants to give a "puppy shower" (ha)...buy more chew toys!

Shawn says Shaley looks like she's smiling here. Happy to be home at last!

Friday, February 17, 2006

A Change of Plans

Ok, we've had a change of plans...the puppy we were going to get - became sick last night - and we (well, really I) had a check about getting him. I really wanted a female dog (that's what I'm used to), and low and behold, this sweety came to us (by way of picture) almost the same time the other puppy was gettion "out of the picture".

She's only 7 weeks old, and we can't get her until Wednesday or after - but isn't she adorable? She looks like the Cottonelle commercial puppy (only a little smaller)!! Let's hope all goes well with her now... If this one doesn't work out - I think we are going to wait to get another dog. Maybe that's God's way of saying, "NOT NOW...GOOD GRIEF"!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A new addition to the Karns'

Ok, call us crazy - buy you can't help but love this face! Right before Christmas, we "rescued" a dog (which the kids named Goldie), and we all fell in love with her. She was a 2yr old yellow lab, and a sweet heart - except to Valentine (our Dalmation), and our friend's leg when Goldie was going after Valentine.. So, needless to say, we sadly had to find another home for her.

Believe it or not, Shawn took it harder than anyone! Why? Hmm...there's the million dollar question. He loved that dog! She listened to him - which I think is the real reason.

So, this Saturday - we are going to Iowa to pick up this new addition. He's 4 mths old - which means mommy will be potty training not only Brock, but a puppy. But, that's ok. We saw this face and fell in love instantly. Hopefully the feeling will be mutual!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Help - I'm still sick

Well...we have gone thru the sickness gamut, and thought we were about over, when yep...mommy is feeling bad again! I don't get this! I was reading Sarah's blog on patience...I can relate! I'm tired of feeling miserable and trying to take care of the house, school, meals, kids, etc. So if my kids stink around you...sorry, baths haven't been since Sat. (ugh).

Anyway, please pray that whatever keeps dragging me down will IMMEDIATELY disappear. I feel very "stiff", off balance, at times feverish, cold, along with the neverending sore throat!

Thanks for your prayers!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

4 Months and Counting

Ok, it's only been MONTHS since I've blogged! Too busy during the Christmas season, than off to Grandmother's house I went for a couple weeks, than back home for a couple weeks of sickness. Thank You, Lord, for it finally seeming to start passing.

Anyway...on my 'fridge is a picture of a BEAUTIFUL dress that I am going to be wearing for a wedding I am in this June. Ok, the wedding is of one of our "youth girls" who has grown up, and has asked me to be her matron of honor (to which I AM truly honored). But, as you can guess, all the other girls in this wedding are in their 20's....except me. So, I'm really fighting the "need to get in shape" NOW syndrome. The reason the picture of the dress is on my 'fridge' is because I wrote underneath it in BIG letters..."GET SKINNY"...and hopefully everytime I open the dorr of the 'fridge', I can be reminded...eat right.

Pray with me on my quest!!!!