Thursday, February 09, 2006

4 Months and Counting

Ok, it's only been MONTHS since I've blogged! Too busy during the Christmas season, than off to Grandmother's house I went for a couple weeks, than back home for a couple weeks of sickness. Thank You, Lord, for it finally seeming to start passing.

Anyway...on my 'fridge is a picture of a BEAUTIFUL dress that I am going to be wearing for a wedding I am in this June. Ok, the wedding is of one of our "youth girls" who has grown up, and has asked me to be her matron of honor (to which I AM truly honored). But, as you can guess, all the other girls in this wedding are in their 20's....except me. So, I'm really fighting the "need to get in shape" NOW syndrome. The reason the picture of the dress is on my 'fridge' is because I wrote underneath it in BIG letters..."GET SKINNY"...and hopefully everytime I open the dorr of the 'fridge', I can be right.

Pray with me on my quest!!!!


Libby said...

I agree with you and pray with you. Just don't let this overwhelm you. By the way, glad you're back!

Sarah said...

I can't imagine why you haven't had time for blogging. It is about time you got off your lazy duff and did something. I mean, Come On!