Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Help - I'm still sick

Well...we have gone thru the sickness gamut, and thought we were about over, when yep...mommy is feeling bad again! I don't get this! I was reading Sarah's blog on patience...I can relate! I'm tired of feeling miserable and trying to take care of the house, school, meals, kids, etc. So if my kids stink around you...sorry, baths haven't been since Sat. (ugh).

Anyway, please pray that whatever keeps dragging me down will IMMEDIATELY disappear. I feel very "stiff", off balance, at times feverish, cold, along with the neverending sore throat!

Thanks for your prayers!


Libby said...

I knew I smelled something, Sunday:)

We'll be praying.

Sarah said...

Court is well old enough to take her own showers. However, I had to practically push her in there today. She is at a funky (literally) stage in life. She thinks putting on deodorant constitutes as "washing" and no shower is necessary. =P

Anyway, I'm praying for your health which in turn improve the smell of your house.

I know I haven't been praying for patience and I imagine you haven't been either. So, my question is : Can it be done by proxy? If so, I'd like to talk to that person. hehehe

Amy said...

I know what you mean Am, just when you think its gone....think again!!! chey was sick sat night but got better overnight then about 4this morning alyssa throws up and wouldnt stop, all day , poor thing had to miss valentines party at school :( !!!