Thursday, February 16, 2006

A new addition to the Karns'

Ok, call us crazy - buy you can't help but love this face! Right before Christmas, we "rescued" a dog (which the kids named Goldie), and we all fell in love with her. She was a 2yr old yellow lab, and a sweet heart - except to Valentine (our Dalmation), and our friend's leg when Goldie was going after Valentine.. So, needless to say, we sadly had to find another home for her.

Believe it or not, Shawn took it harder than anyone! Why? Hmm...there's the million dollar question. He loved that dog! She listened to him - which I think is the real reason.

So, this Saturday - we are going to Iowa to pick up this new addition. He's 4 mths old - which means mommy will be potty training not only Brock, but a puppy. But, that's ok. We saw this face and fell in love instantly. Hopefully the feeling will be mutual!


Sarah said...

What a good looking pup! When I think of what a dog should look like, I always think of labs.

I love puppies. I just have to wash my hands immediately after I play/touch/pet them! (You know me =P)

Libby said...

Adorable! And yes I think your crazy! Let's see what is the count now? 1..2...3...4 kids! And 1...2..dogs! And 1...husband, well at least you stopped at one on the last one!:)

Amy said...

LOL Libby !! Am, He is so cute , Last week my mom got a black lab puppy, hes a so laid back , lazy puppy. not like the lab that we had for 11 years that died 2 years ago , he was verry fiesty and loved to wrestle up untill he got heart worms that took his life .here I go rambling , you all wanted to here the history of our pets life right??anyway CUTE PUPPY!!!!


Darrell said...

Hey, he even looks like a Karns! (Don't take that in the negative sense.)

Sarah said...

[QUOTE]Hey, he even looks like a Karns! (Don't take that in the negative sense.)[/QUOTE]

How about you try to explain how she could possibly not take that negatively. =)

Puppies are cute and so are the Karns.

What do I know I live at The Dawg Howse?

It's the newest slang going around like "That's awesome, it soo Karns." or "Do you see that girl over there...she is definitely Karns!"

Darrell said...

Don't worry dude... I'm praying for a new home for you.