Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Our House - What should we do?

We are wanting (maybe I should say I am wanting) to take out the hedges on the front, right side of our house, and put in a small patio area. I just wanted to get some opinions of others. If we do this, I'm wanting to take out the big tree next to the drive (not the one in the forefront of the picture below), and the big hedge under the bay window. Maybe replace with nice patio bricks - instead of a concrete slab?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Then, maybe next year we'll do something with the left side of the steps?


Sylvia said...

WE are doing some landscaping too.We are going with flowers,a tree,maybe a bush or two,I am not sure what esle.We have a large area to do. I would also like to get a angel statue to put out there.We also are doing our front porch,we had to put a new floor on it.Bob and I are doing the work.

Libby said...

I think removing the hedges is a good idea. However, where will Shawn store the Christmas lights if you do this? :)

Are you wanting the patio more for looks or for functionality?

Also, I'm not quite sure which tree you're referring to.

The 6 Karns' said...

The tree in the background - on the right side that's right next to the drive.

And, I want to use it. I'd like to put chairs out there, and be able to sit while the kids are riding their bike in the street, etc.

Libby said...

Then definitely build a patio. Maybe with a low rising brick wall around the front then you could easily land scape with flowers and plants that bloom during different seasons so that there is color at least 3/4 of the year. You could continue the landscaping theme on the other side to bring it all together. It doesn't have to be identical, but it would help to balance. The shrubs have definitely got to go, though. Just tell Shawn to find another place to store the lights when out of season or maybe put them on the wall I described and make them look like patio lights in the warmer months.

Sarah said...

Doing improvements to the front....say hello to higher taxes.

Shawn said...

Hey guys knock it off will ya.


Neil said...

Do the patio thing, but you could just remove half the hedges...leaving room of course...for the Christmas lights!

Darrell said...

Sounds like too much work for Shawn to me. I vote leave it as it is and sit in the grass and watch the kids.

Is that close enough to what you told me to say Shawn?

Sarah said...

Give Shawn a break. The Christmas lights came down way back like 2 weeks ago. Sheesh.

Amy said...


Anonymous said...

Save the maple tree, you can always build a flower bed around it. Make sure you keep the bed watered though, maples love water too.

If you keep the porch, make sure you put a large pyramidial bush on each side to frame your door (Arbor vitae are nice)

I'd rip out the ewes (shrubs in front) and open up the pretty bay window you have. Plant a weeping cherry or a japanese maple in fron to of the trellis and then go in with annuals like rubeckia (black eyed susan), daylillies, speedwell, and if you can find it bee balm.

Sorry I rambled, I love designing gardens. Best of luck!!!