Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day Baskets

May Day...I had to share this about my kids.

 They wanted to do May Day Baskets for the neighbors. It ended up being the neighborhood. They made their baskets, stuffed them with tissue, and candy...and then went tearing out of the house this morning on their mission...about 15 baskets later, they all come running back in laughing & heavily breathing from all the running. 2 of them "caught", but the rest were successful.

About 1/2 hour later, I had a phone call from a neighbor several houses down, asking if our kids were the ones who left the MayDay treat, I said yes. This elderly lady started weeping on the phone, and thanked me for my children, explaining she didn't do those things with her children.

About an hour later, another elderly lady down the other part of our street a ways (who I have never met), came to the door with a thank you card for my kids - and went on to say that those baskets made her & her husbands day!

I'd like to say this was my was all the kids. You never know whose lives you will touch by a random act of kindness. My children make me proud.  Happy May Day!!!


Darrell said...

That's so cool, but you should have taken pics!

JayCee B-) said...

Thanks mom..... wait you still get on your blog?????? If so ther why dont you get on mine???????????