Monday, October 31, 2005

Hello to All

Well - we finally did it...we are oficial Bloggers...

Thought this would be a good way to keep family/friends updated on the "latest & greatest" coming from the Karns' household... as well as send the latest pics. to you...

Well, we'll give it a try anyway.

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wendyl said...

hey good to hear from the 6karns! you guys are really workin on all those cuties aren't ya. careful, don't hurt yourselves! ;-) (looking at you and all those kids gives me hives - can you tell i'm a newlywed?) hehe.

Amy said...

hey Am,
welcome to the world of bloggers,lol, i cant seem to think of things to say on mine (its been 3 days!!!) o well anyways see ya later!!!


Libby said...

Beautiful kids! Whose are they? (hehe)

k_patrick said...

Hello Karns'

It's really nice to see another Karns family on the blogosphere.

I found your blog on my weekly lookup on technorati:

P.S. You're slacking ;-) I have five karns kiddos.

Kevin Karns (