Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Isn't it amazing when God actually confirms things you have been thinking? I mean...when you really have pondered over something, and it keeps being brought up to you over and over...until you finally say, "OK, God...I get it."

Ever since I went to the Joyce Meyer conference in St. Louis, I have been "hit" with the word FREEDOM. What does it mean? Do I have it? Does my husband have it? Do I allow my husband to have it? Does our church have it?

Pastor's Blog today hit it again....in a new way. Freedom from what? Past hurts...addictions...self pity...you name it. So, I posted an excerpt from what I heard at the conference (and Shawn has preached on it before, also)...about how when the children of Israel were in captivity to Egypt...they were "delivered" from captivity, and brought into the wilderness. While they were there - were they free? No. But, God took care of them. He gave them everything that they NEEDED. Not wanted, but NEEDED. They had all the manna they could eat. Their clothes and shoes didn't wear out. But they were not freed yet. They hadn't made it to the Promised Land....and they were in this deliverence place for 40 years. How did they get out? How did they find their freedom? THEY HAD TO FIGHT FOR IT. It wasn't given to them. They had to step out of their "baby chirstian-feed me" place of being into a mighty warrior stance.

I am SO AMAZED. God wants us to take a STAND. To step out and take back what was stolen from us by our enemy.

So, I started reading a book today (during my 1/2 hour of piece in the bathtub during naptimes) by my favorite author Francine Rivers. (If you've never read any of her books - come to me, I've got MANY and I've not been dissapointed yet) Anyway, it's a historical fiction on Aaron. I had no idea what the book was about when I picked it up to read. But once again, God is showing me - get a grip - let loose - step OUT....

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