Sunday, April 16, 2006

Crazy Life

Is life crazy for anyone out there? I know, in the Karns household - there's always something NUTTY happening. Right now, just trying to get everyone healthy is a huge focus. I don't know about you, but we have had the worst year EVER for being sick! The kids seem to be passing it back and forth, and we're getting no where.

I feel like, even my prayer / worship/ reading the Word time has gone out the window (since we can now open windows)...and life is just...YZARC (crazy spelled backwards for those who can't get it).

Easter was today - Pastor gave a great sermon - about "proving" the resurrection. He did an awesome job! We ate at my parents house, visited with Shawn's parents and had a great day with family, and a man from our church who has no family here. Sarah got to drink coffee, and our kids got to watch TV (Lent being over)...what else could you ask for?

Well...I can think of several things. A deeper love for Christ. A stronger hunger to know Him more. Our church to have a BURNING desire to reach the lost. My unsaved loved ones to know HIM as their Savior. Galesburg to have the Spirit of darkness and confusion lifted from it.

Oh God - help us to NOT get comfortable. When have we TRULY felt uncomfortable? My kids have a habit of saying, "I'm starving!!". Shawn & I have really started to talk to them about REALLY starving children, and that we shouldn't mistake being hungry for a meal to being STARVED for food you haven't had for a few days.

When have we felt Unsafe? Recent situations with a good friend of ours has left our friends' feeling unsafe to stay at their home. However, God, being the Creator of all - will work this situation out for His good.

When have we felt Helpless? I like being in control. However, when my husbands company decided to sell his company to a competitor, we were, and ARE helpless. We have to wait and see what will happen with insurance/doctors and all kinds of other things we took for granted. But - God is showing us already that He is preparing us to lean on HIS provisions.

When have we really felt MESSED UP? For a good month and a half, God has been "messing" Shawn & I "up". It started with the Eagles' Wings conference, and it just keeps going from there. He is getting us ready for something truly awesome!

God is doing something in Galesburg! He is truly REFINING us, but we have to go thru the fire. It's sometimes painful, sometimes scarey. But God is still there - the Refiner.


Anonymous said...

I've never been to Galesburg, but I can tell that God is doing a "God Thing" there. I know this from reading your's, sean's, and Libby's blogs. You guys must be living right and glorifying him! God is blessing you and your church. It's exciting to watch from Kentucky!

Libby said...

I'm really excited. This is the SECOND year in a row that people have been saved on Easter Sunday at our church! It is wonderful to have souls saved ANY day, but people often get so caught up in "the special day" mode that the meaning of the day is lost. I was so wanting souls saved. Thank you, Lord, for the two who came home and help us to disciple them!

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

Several people have been meeting on Thursday nights for the last 9 years and praying for this city. Up to 7 congregations have been represented at these times of intercession. Many times God has shown one person or another a vision of people dancing in the streets of Galesburg. Rejoicing, praising, and worshipping HIM. God is about to move in this community...we are believing this!
We continue to fast and pray. We are asking God to draw them in by His Holy Spirit. We are asking for the lost...asking God how to break down the fortified walls of this city and HIS peoples hearts. Praying that HE will show us the Rahabs in our workplace, schools and community that He wants to pluck from the rubble. Don't be surprised if He uses them to communicate divine strategies that will save our lives as well as theirs!

Take Care Amber...we are praying for the Leaders of the congregrations, pastors, worship leaders, teachers etc...God is serious about this city and we are about to see His will revealed and His glory fall.

Blessings to you and yours....

Darrell said...

I have nothing profound to say... just wanted to say that I love that picture!