Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Morning Phone Call

Well - Shawn calls this morning and asks if I'm "sitting down"... That means there's really GOOD news or really BAD news. I'm nervous. What is it? I wonder if they actually gave him a raise with the new position he just took. That would be GREAT. We could use the extra money.

BAM...His company was just bought by someone else. What does this mean? Who knows. His job now is pretty laid back. He can wear jeans/shorts t-shirts, etc. He gets a lot of vacation time. A lot of holidays. Lots of perks (fun things they do for their employees), etc. It's been a pretty good place to work. Now - the future in unclear.

Isn't it funny...God is "messing us up" in all areas of our lives! I've been on a "Holy Ghost High" since we went to Atlanta to the Eagles' Wings conference - and now the kids are sick, and Shawn's job is ???????? But you know what? When normally I would be sick with worry over our "future"...I'm at peace. I know God is in control. There's nothing I can do about it anyway. I keep saying I'm trying to "clean house" (literally - my house) so that we can be ready to do His call at a moments notice (no, that doesn't mean we're planning on moving or anything). That could be just having fellowship at our home on a spur of the moment without worrying about all the toys/clothes/junk sitting in the middle of the floors.

I'm excited! God is doing something Great in our lives - in Galesburg - in this Country - in the world! I don't want to be passed by - I want to be a part! How about you?


Sarah said...

Don't go and pull a Barclay with that kind of talk. When I talked to you earlier I was preparing myself for those dreaded "We're moving" words. Whew!

I'm praying for ya. I keep waiting for something drastic to happen with my job. I'm looking but not finding anything...yet. I feel God is getting ready to move me further in all aspects of my life. I just kinda hope he starts with my job. ;O)

Amy said...

I agree with Sarah, DONT YOU EVEN MOVE!!!!! I would have to kidnap ya !! LOLOL whatever God has in store we can be assured that Gods ways a better than what we might think or ask!!I lean on that statement!! whatever happens you know I love you guys!!

Darrell said...

Wow... that's a shocker. But we will hear no talk of moving! Ya gotta wonder when things in your life start getting shaken and messed with just what is in store for you ahead. I knew when I prayed for you guys last month that some changes where ahead of you and that God was fixing to give you a good stir, but this one took me by surprise. I find myself sitting here wondering what this means. It could be a number of things. Maybe changing of seasons, (even jobs?) maybe promotion? Guess it's best not to speculate but rather to hold on for the ride ahead and see where the Lord takes you.

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

We can count on the fact that GOD IS MOVING...HE IS SHAKING...AND HE IS GETTING THINGS READY! It is exciting to be a part of His plan, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

You guys are obviously living right! The enemy doesn't attack the ones he's already got a claim on. Be strong, his grace is sufficient!