Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Too much?

I was reading Neil Smiths blog he posted Sat. March 4, and my heart was troubled. He speaks of treating a visiting Preacher from Kenya to a day at Bush Gardens, and how in that one day - they spent as much, if not more, money than most people in Kenya earn in a year. This Kenyan preacher said, "I know why American pastors have such a difficult time building a church, there are too many options, distractions, serving God is not the priority!" It just goes to show our "American" mentality. Yes, I believe in going on vacation, and that takes money. My favorite place to take the kids is Disney, and everyone knows how much that costs!

But, why do we feel it so important to have "stuff". We are too comfortable! I don't think God is calling us to live in poverty - but I think He calls us to be good stewards of our money. I have been so convicted over this lately. I love to shop - not for me, but my kids. Do they need any more clothes? Absolutely NOT. Do they need anymore toys? No. My children do not know what LACKING means. They have never lacked for anything. Nor have I. And - please don't worry - I'm not going to start selling all my (our) posessions. But it does mean that I need to take a step back and look deeply at what we are teaching our kids. They are good kids! They love us, eachother, and God...but I want them to be GREAT adults in the Lord.

I know I'm rambling - but this is on my heart...


Darrell said...

Yeah, I have been thinking on this since yesterday. When I read that comment it was one of those times that the Holy Spirit just reaches inside of you and "messes you up." I have not been able to let go of it. Like you I am not ready to go sell everything I own, but it has caused me to look around and see that we have become gluttonous over things and possessions. I realize that I have suits hanging in my closet that I wear one or two times a year that cost more than these people earn in a year! (The knife is twising in my chest right now.)

I think it is time to re-think some things in my life.

Sean McKee said...

Yeah, me too.

Kelly and I have spent the last year+ 'purging’ our lives of all the junk that we hold on to that we will never use (and we still have a long way to go).

The thing that keeps coming back to me is that all these 'treasures' we have, we become slaves to them. We have to clean them, fix them, save them, and find room for them. Build on to store them, rent storage units to keep them. Get ourselves in debt and financial trouble buying them. We put ourselves in bondage to stuff. We waste this time and money that could be used for ministry trying to satisfy the lust for more, more, more.

I think deep down it is a spiritual issue.

Neil said...

I know that I got some of this started and wanted follow up with a couple thoughts: 1) We have to use wisdom in all that we do, we know when we're crossing the line and need to be willing to pull back; 2) We also need to not apologize for being blessed, but to use our resources in a productive manner. God doesn't mind if we bless our families, but He wants us to use what we have do bring glory to His name and to enlarge the Kingdom. Prosperity is having enough to do the will of God, not keep up with the Jone's or fulfill every desire of our flesh. I certainly intend on taking care of my family and making my children comfortable, but I also intend on putting God first in everything...including my finances.

So maybe I need to take a fresh look at our priorities and ensure that they are aligned with what God is saying to us about the big picture!