Monday, March 20, 2006

To be like a child

What a time we had yesterday during our Revival with Pastor Neil Smith! Both services were awesome! God's presence was felt when you walked in the building! Last night, we had a time of worship an hour before the service started. It was awesome! Thanks to Karen Stroops, we have some banners now! It blessed my heart to see my 8 yr old son, pick up the RED banner and begin to pray as he walked the sanctuary (he has to work on not pokeing anyone with the banner, since he walks & prays with his eyes closed).

We need to be like children. Free in our worship. Not worried about what others thinks. Let offenses roll off our backs. Able to look at the unseen with Awe and wonder and expectation.

I'm so in love with Jesus - I just want everyone else to be as excited as I am right now! I'm looking forward to our time of worship before service tonight! Come with expectancy!


Libby said...

I enjoy watching ANYONE be blessed and worship the Lord with abandon, but there is just something special about watching children and teens worship God with freedom. I have been so excited about what God is doing not only with our present, but with our FUTURE as I watch our kids! What did Pastor Neil say last night? We have a harvest now, but we are planting seed for a harvest we will not reap as well? Praise GOD! I took that to mean that what is happening in our church now won't end with this generation. It will continue on with the next and the next! Hallelujah!!!
Tell Hunter to wave my flags for me tonight. I am sick and won't be able to come:(, but as Bishop Bolin said, "I'm having to behave myself, but I'm tearing it up on the inside!"

Neil said...

Your children bless me, as I watch Hunter I see a young man with a heart for God and for things he isn't truly aware yet. The spirit of a child is so incredible, it is a sponge that can soak up anything and it can release everything as well. A sponge will only smell like what it soaks up, it will release only what has been placed within it...keep putting the presence of the Lord in those babies!

You guys are awesome, I am totally enjoying my time in Galesburg...tell Shaun thanks for hanging with me last night...I like the mood music! It helps sustain the atmosphere that was permeating the guys are going somewhere!

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

Shaun and Amber..
God bless you two. You are awesome!
Because the most AWEsome God is in you! And HIS AWEsomeness is working through you.

In, through and to HIM.
Deborha Johnson